Fully integrated special bar quality alloy steel manufacturer from coke to ready‐to‐market steel products

Integrated steel plant has a capacity to produce ~0.25 mn TPA of finished steel, including facilities to manufacture special bar quality steel

Commercial operations of the plant started in FY2010

Evolution of the company

Coke Oven Plant Overview

  • The Company has two coke oven batteries of 30 ovens each with the installed capacity of 142,065 TPA of coke
  • Most of the ovens in battery 2 are not in operating conditions. However, ovens in battery 1 are in good shape
  • SBQ has adopted a conventional coke making technology using a battery of ovens sandwiched between heating walls. The coke ovens are non recovery type
  • Coke oven design is from Centre for Fuel Research of India (CFRI) India. Equipment from Sino-Steel Industry & Trade Corp. (SSIT), China
  • Uses an eco‐friendly stamp charging process which allows to blend varieties of coal leading to cost efficiencies
  • Uses top charging method to input coal in ovens leading to control on process waste


Mini Sinter Plant overview

  • Around 24 sq. meter of Sinter Plant, it has a capacity to produce a total sinter of 260,700TPA Plant has been manufactured and supplied by TRF Minitec, Brazil. TRF was the licensee for Minitec Brazil who provided the design
  • Agglomerating iron ore fines and fluxes to produce feed for blast furnace may resulting in significant savings
  • Abundant availability of iron-ore fines and fluxes such as limestone, dolomite and quartz in India



  • SBQ has 4 DRI units, each with a capacity of 100 TPQ
  • Each kiln cooler assembly comprises of one-ported rotary kiln of 3.0 m dia (ID) and 42 m length with a rotary cooler of diameter 2.3 m and length 22 m
  • Integrated raw material processing, feeding facilities and finished product handling facilities
    Mini Blast Furnace -Overview
  • The size of Mini Blast Furnace (MBF) is 250 cu. m. with an installed capacity of 245,000 TPA of hot metal
  • SBQ bought a Pulverized Coal Injection system for injection of pulverized coal up to 150 kg/T of hot metal in the existing MBF. The same was however never installed as the equipment arrived and has been lying at Chennai Port at a CFS in containers and not cleared
  • Design with a provision of oxygen & steam injection to achieve higher productivity
  • Integrated raw material processing, feeding facilities & finished product handling facilities


    Steel Melting Shop -Overview
  • The Steel Melting Shop (SMS) has a capacity to produce a total sinter of 264,700 TPA. 
  • Ability to produce square billets / blooms 130x130 squares to 180x180 squares 
  • Integrated raw material processing, feeding facilities and finished product handling facilities

    Rolling Mill – Overview
  • Forward integration into 'value added products' such as bars & rods with the ability to cater to the construction, infrastructure & auto industry. Bar & wire mills is of Danielli, Italy design.
  • Rolling Mill with capacity of around 252,000 TPA with walking hearth type reheating furnace
  • Capability to produce ribbed and plain round bars in straight lengths and wire rods in coil form
  • Continuous automatic type mill